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Website / APP Checklist


Note: Each step must be completed in order to proceed to the next step.

APP & Web Development Checklist

- Project Brainstorm.
- Consulting, features recommendation.
- Estimate Costing / Package.
- Estimate Time frame / dateline.

- Name or ID of the project
(Programmers will create project file)

Features / Domain / Hosting info (confirm)
- Domain registration.
- Hosting spec / price / cPanel (Yes/No)
(base on location, country and estimation users)
- How many pages, e Commerce (YES/NO).
- e Commerce (YES) 5 initial products, extra charges if add more item)
- Features / Plugin eg. Web builder, Form Builder, e Commerce etc

Time frame / sitemap.
- Website / APP Sitemap.
- Project finished estimation by week / days / months.

Project maintenance / version update
- by annual fee
- software licence

- Less than 1K Project - Full payment
- More than 1K - 5K Project - 50/50
- 5K to 10K Project - 40/30/30
- 10K to 30K Project - 40/40/20
- 30K to 50K Project - 40/30/30
- 50K and above Project - 30/30/30/10
- Complete payment before Web live / APP submission
- Terms and Condition (if any)s

- After down payment received
- Pick 1 from 2 sample design (1 Page for 1 theme in JPG format)
- Main Page theme design must be confirmed before coding start.

- Collect all necessary info eg. company logo, company profile, text, pictures.
- Will have extra charges for : typing, copy writing, animation, video and audio editing.
- (According to sitemap and send all files to email account.)

- There will be no theme design changes at this moment
- Allow two minor modification to the layout which does not involve code modification.
- Layout customization can be done from the client side after website live and website training.

- Account department will inform programmer payment complete.
- Programmer will live the website / APPs submission.
- Prepare login files to customer (email)
- 2 hours training on site (FREE - klang valley)



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